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Our Audit Services include:

  • Statutory audit
  • IFRS / FRS / US GAAP reporting
  • Regulatory Agency Reporting – Central Bank, Financial Regulator, Law Society
  • Internal audit and governance reviews
  • State agency grant support claims
  • Consequential loss and other investigations

The underlying value of audit is a means of maintaining the credibility of the business and, for an owner-manager, a professionally conducted audit is a vital business control. Our audit process is designed to bring value to your business.
A key part of our Audit Service is to build relationships with the owners and management teams of businesses.

Our clients range from private, entrepreneurial companies, to public sector bodies through to multinational corporations.

Our Audit Team is a partner-led team and our size enables us to have continuity of staff on engagements each year. Our approach is robust and challenging and we work collaboratively with management to bring value add.

“Woods & Partners are our external auditors and we have found them to be both professional and objective. Their approach is tailored around our business objectives and they provide a critical role in helping us to protect our financial reputation by minimising financial statement risk. Their audit approach is efficient while at the same time giving us relevant value added insights”

Audit Committee Chair, North Leinster Money Advice and Budgeting Service.

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