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Our services include:

  • Brexit Ready, Business Assessment and Solutions;
  • Cashflow planning – Scenario and financial impact;
  • Tax and Corporate Business Structure Review;
  • Cross Border Set up;
  • Transfer Pricing advisory;
  • Non-residents landlords’ advisory;
  • Advisory in relation to residency of individuals.

One of the most pertinent questions facing companies in Ireland with transactional activity with the UK is how to navigate their business through the Brexit question, how to mine the opportunities and safeguarding against the Brexit risks that lies ahead.

Our team understand these issues and we can assist developing cross border structures and associated tax implications. We assist our clients to develop solutions, understand various significant funding supports available in Northern Ireland and Ireland to deal with Brexit risks. In essence we help our clients to assist in ‘Brexit-Proofing’ their businesses.

There are other factors at play – namely cross border trade, evolving business environments, and different legislative frameworks. We have knowledge of the UK and Ireland tax codes, so we understand the key issues and we have strategic partnership with UK Tax and Accounting firms that make our service delivery seamless on both sides of the border.

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